Les rescapés

de Claude Desrosiers • Première internationale
Canada, 2010, Ep. 1, 60’, vo fr , st ang

Montreal in 1964. Inspector Gérald Boivin is not having any success with a case, which is why he is sent away on leave of absence, this means he has to spend lots of time with his family…He takes his wife, his three children, and his elderly father on an adventurous camping trip. Before even leaving town, however, they run into entirely unexpected circumstances that suddenly transport them to…the year 2010! The family embarks upon an incredible journey into the future where they meet strange people and make astonishing discoveries, but are also forced to stick close together so they can overcome quite unexpected challenges…

Presented with “Misfits”.

Scénario: Frédéric Ouellet • Image: Martin Falardeau • Montage: Dominique Champagne • Musique: Michel Cusson • Son: Simon Poudrette / Robert Labrosse • Avec: Roy Dupuis - Guylaine Tremblay - Maxim Gaudette • Production:Productions Casablanca Inc./Radio Canada (• Distribution:Productions Casablanca Inc./Radio Canada (