Miss Kicki

de Håkon Liu • Première suisse
Suède/Taiwan, 2009, 88’, vo swedish/english/ mandarin , st ang/fr

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After 12 years in the USA, Kicki is back in Sweden, where she is with her son Viktor once again. In order to get closer to the young boy, Kicki suggests that they go to Taiwan together. What she doesn’t say is that there is a businessman in Taipei she is having an internet romance with…For his first feature film, Hakon Liu takes us to the new Taipei, where he gives us an authentic and profound look at a relationship between two people who each have to face their own need of losing themselves in an unknown country in order to find their way to each other.

Scénario: Alex Haridi • Image: Olle Asplund, Carl P. Rasmussen • Montage: Mike Andrews, Tim Drewett, Daniel Wannberg • Musique: Fredrik Viklund • Son: Chen Kuan-Ting, Shiang-Chu Tang, Du-Che Tu, Tse Kang Tu • Avec: Pernilla August, Ludwig Palmell, He Huang • Production:Migma West HB (• Distribution:Stamm Film (