La vie des poissons (La vida de los peces)

de Matías Bize • Première suisse
Chili/France, 2010, 84’, vo esp , st fr/ang

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Back in Chile before he makes a permanent move to Europe, Andrés attends a party at some friends’ house. Within this enclosed space, the camera follows the young man as he moves from encounter to encounter, ever becoming more aware of who he really is. Matias Bize has made a subtle film, showing us what is hidden behind the silences and exchanged glances, plumbing the depths of these encounters which are also good-byes. This is an intimate film, an emotional voyage which will make Andrés ask himself if the choices he has made are the right ones…

Scénario: Rojas Julio, Bize Matías • Image: Bárbara lvarez • Montage: Javier Estevez • Avec: Santiago Cabrera, Blanca Lewin • Production:Paraiso Production / Arte France (• Distribution:ARTE France (